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Camp 2023 Plans

Currently, Camp in the Community is looking at three different options for camp this summer. CITC has put together a COVID-19 task-force whose goal is to determine which option will be best for us this year. When you accept a position at Camp in the Community for Summer 2021, you are agreeing to work no matter which option is chosen.

Click the images below to learn more about the three options for this summer.

In-person Camp

If it is determined that it is safe to hold camp in-person, we will do so. This means staff will travel to host ministries in order to serve campers each week. Extra precautions will be taken and new policies will be implemented in order to keep everyone safe.

In-person Camp

Camp is Where the Heart Is

If it is determined to not be safe to host in-person camp, we will move forward with Camp is Where the Heart Is. This program is consists of staff creating the content for a week worth of camp to be done at the camper’s home. Then, staff pack all the materials needed for the activities in kits that are delivered to campers. This would happen all summer. 



This option will be implemented if the task-force decides camp can happen in-person, but some of our churches/ministries do not feel comfortable with that. This would mean our staff would rotate through operating in-person camp and the Camp is Where the Heart Is program. Every staff member would work on both programs at some point during the summer.


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