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“The sound of children's voices in our sanctuary, the laughter and squeals, silly games -- all of it -- brought us joy and hope that we made a difference in the lives of those children. It was such a blessing to share God's love with them.”

– Middle Creek UMC

Why Host?

Children in poverty need the same opportunities as their more privileged peers to grow, learn, and succeed. A well-run Christian summer camp provides a safe space for children to grow in independence, develop positive friendships, learn about Jesus, and be themselves. The success campers find at camp translates into success outside of camp.

Summer time is particularly difficult for families in poverty. When school meals are no longer available, many children go hungry. When parents do not have means to provide child care, many children are left to care for themselves. 

In partnership with the local church, CITC provides food and care for campers for the duration of camp. Going beyond basic childcare, CITC works in a small group setting to address the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs of each child. 

Additional needs are often revealed during a camp session, providing an opportunity for the church to build relationships with families through meeting those needs in the name of Jesus.

Benefits of CITC:

Five distinct audiences mutually benefit from CITC: campers, assistant counselors, staff, local church(es), and the community.

  1. Campers - Learn life skills, grow in faith, connect with a local church, and experience positive mentoring relationships. Camp provides a safe and fun environment.

  2. Assistant Counselors - Through training and experiential learning within CITC, youth grow into leaders in their churches and schools.  

  3. Staff - Learn to live out servant leadership on a daily basis, develop leadership skills, connect with local communities, and gain applicable job skills for any future job.

  4. Local Churches - In order to remain vital, congregations must work to reach the communities surrounding the church. This process of building trust can be challenging, and Camp in the Community can open the doors for that growth. Churches can experience growth in numbers, individual church members as the focus on the community, and an awareness of the issues affecting the people in their community.

  5. Community - Connects with a caring local church, where they can grow and flourish.

2024 Church Handbook

Application Process

New churches must complete pre-applications.


New churches will receive an email from us setting up a meeting time once the pre-application is completed. 

Returning churches should complete the application form in order to complete the application process.



Church Handbook

Interested in hosting?

Email Director, Whitney Winston at or call 865-293-4137

For more information on hosting, download our church handbook, and complete our pre-application form.

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