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Junior Counselor Program

In this junior counselor training program, youth and young adults ages 14+ from both Camp in the Community host churches and partnering churches will be invited to participate in a 15-hour intensive leadership course.


Youth are asked to apply and participate in a mock interview before the training. Upon completion of all requirements of the course, youth will receive a certificate of achievement and will be cleared to continue the immersion portion of training. 


Immersion training happens during a week of Camp in the Community, where they will be paired with trained camp counselors and mentors and will work with a small group of campers for the week.

What youth will learn

  • How to work with small groups

  • How to lead a small group

  • Servant leadership

  • Situational leadership

  • Understanding campers (by age)

  • Nurturing others' faith

  • Discerning vision and calling

  • Safety and youth protection

  • Discovering natural strengths 

  • Group games and activities

  • The power of debriefing

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