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Whitney began Camp in the Community in 2011 as an outreach program at Camp Wesley Woods (CWW). It quickly grew from reaching 77 children in its initial year to over 400 children in its final year at CWW. She became director of Camp in the Community in November of 2016, as the ministry became its own separate camp, serving children in poverty throughout the Holston Conference.

She began working in camping in 2003, as a volunteer. She decided through her volunteer experience to seek a career in camp ministry, and from 2003-2016 served as a support staff, counselor, adventure resource, healthcare supervisor, support staff coordinator, environmental education instructor, outreach director, office manager, and retreat coordinator.

Whitney is a graduate of Maryville College with a degree in outdoor recreation. Whitney enjoys singing, hiking, camping, backpacking and traveling. Her husband Nick works at Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. Email Whitney.



Site Director

I'm excited about singing camp songs and meeting new campers this summer! I am so excited to be back at camp!

Fun Fact: I've been to Prague Castle, and I love peppermint patties and gold fish.



​I'm excited about teaching kids about God and how loving He is.

Fun Fact: I play video games!



This summer I am excited about teaching kids and having a good time!

Fun Fact: My favorite places to visit are Clingman's Dome and Rock City. 



I am super excited to spend another summer at camp, and I am ready to make lasting connections.

Fun Fact: I speak Spanish and I love making crafts!


 Assistant Site Director

​This summer I am looking forward to meet wonderful kids throughout the East Tennessee area. But most of all I am looking forward to help build and strengthen relationships with the lord.

Fun Fact: My favorite place to be at is Washington D.C. 



I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people and making new friends.

Fun Fact: I love dancing, the outdoors, and traveling!


Assistant Site Director

It will be amazing to see how God will use me in a new way at camp. As a former camper, I know the impact a good camping experience has on your life. I want nothing but the best for any camper.

Fun Fact: I love to listen, I love to help, and I love to love. I also love sour gummy worms!



I'm excited about making connections and helping children this summer.

Fun Fact: I'm a duchess!


Assistant Site Director

​I'm looking forward seeing Jesus change people this summer. I'm dedicated to maintaining a safe, healthy, and fun environment.

Fun Fact: My favorite place is Pigeon Roost Trail, Rogers, Arkansas.



I'm looking forward to being a part of this team, making friends and memories, and just having new experiences in general.

Fun Fact: I'm an actress, and I love being outdoors!



This summer I'm excited about building relationships with community members and children. 

Fun Fact: I love Costa Rica and Doritos. 



I'm excited about engaging with the kids and being part of a new type of camp for me this summer.

Fun Fact: I have 8 siblings!


Admin. Assistant

This summer I'm looking forward to working with my sister, and supporting all of the CITC sites and staff members. 

Fun Facts: I'm a newlywed. Spring and summer are my favorite times of year! I love to be outside, and I love to make things. I do leather-craft and carpentry.


Site Director

This summer I look forward to growing in my leadership skills/abilities, becoming more confident and outgoing

Fun Facts: I hope to one day be a director of a nonprofit outdoor education program for underprivileged children.


Site Director

This summer I'm excited about going back to some of the places we've already been to and seeing old friends and of course going to new places to meet new people!

Fun Fact: I absolutely love being apart of CITC and there's great reason for that!



I'm excited to learn more about God's call for my life this summer.

Fun Fact: I'm a hip-hop dancer, and once I sang in a backup choir for Stevie Wonder!



This summer I'm excited about making friendships with the kids and other staff.

Fun Fact: I'm a photographer and I went to Brasil this summer to do a media project.



This summer I'm excited about making friendships with the kids and other staff.

Fun Fact: I've been to Venice, Italy.

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